United.Green Vision:

Never Sacrifice Your Wallet For Your Morals Again.

Unite now to buy and sell green products easily, affordably, ethically and at scale.

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Businesses get hurt for trying to do the right thing

United Stories: Karen Leventhal, Founder

Years ago, I found myself in the middle of a wholesale trading system that quickly forgot about the people and sentient beings behind the products. I started United.Green because I wanted to change that.

I’ve always felt most alive when bringing people together for something meaningful. Together, we will create a wholesale market that is green and ethical—a market that delivers quality products while keeping the people behind them in the picture.

Focusing on profits alone is a trap many businesses fall into. As I write this in quarantine during a global pandemic, I’ve come to realize that all the excess profit in the world doesn’t buy aliveness, health, happiness, or freedom. Profit can’t buy a walk in the park, the appreciation of a bird in flight, a conversation with a trusted friend, or a hug from a family member.

But with all that said, businesses need to make a profit to exist, right?

What we need is balance.

United.Green is evolving into an e-commerce cooperative owned by the people who use it. These shared systems are shown to be more fulfilling and more resilient. They allow more people to flourish and succeed when times are good and make it easier for more people to weather the storm when times are bad.

United.Green is about shared prosperity for all. If you share this vision, reach out to us.

The Solution

We offer a WHOLESALE MARKETPLACE and COMMUNITY FORUM to connect businesses that prioritize in responsible products. Our long-term goal is to pool your purchasing power with that of smaller buyers so we can bring down the cost of ethical, American-produced products.

The Solution-Makers

Below are the faces of ethical American producers. Does your face belong here?